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I need to make a Standing Desk to replace my current Desk. A "Standing Desk" is not a Magical Panacea, that solves our health issues. It's simply a tool to use on the journey. The goal is to be less sedentary, and more active during the day. To not sit, slouched in a chair, but shifting between sitting and standing on a regular basis. Basically, to MOVE MORE. That's what it comes down to. I need to be more mobile and less sedentary during the day. Slack muscles and blood vessels are not good for us. We were meant to MOVE during the day.


Motorized work surface

I found a motorized frame on Amazon for fairly cheap.

Now I need to either make a top or buy a top. I'm fairly certain I won't be able to put all three computers and their 4 monitors on 1 desk, but it's worth a try. If I can't get them all on the surface, I can always make a case to put on the floor and put the Linux server and the UPS in it on the floor.

Material to make a Surface from

  • Polycore - Used as the center of a Fiberglass sandwich to create a VERY light, VERY stiff surface. Embed blocks in the core before it is fiberglassed to make for connection points where screws can be used to attach other structures to the flat plate.

Adjustable Stool

I need some place to sit that will not allow me to simply slouch down and prop my feet up. I'm thinking an adjustable stool with a low back rest in addition to my office chair. When using one, I can slide the other out of the way.

Monitor Stand

Cable Management