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The Hunting Cabin on the Coleman/Holloman property is "off grid" and currently only has Propane for heat and cooking.

I've been tasked with providing electricity via Solar so that we can have lights and do things like charge cell phones, and maybe run a small refrigerator like is in Mom and Dad's camper. Their Fridge actually runs on Propane, but it requires electricity (from their batteries) to operate.



Trail Camera


Lighting will be provided by LED light strips.




I was originally researching Solar after I came across a YouTube video of a "Solar Shed" for hobby woodworking. The result of that research was me starting to keep track of what I found on the Solar Woodshed page in this wiki.

Lithium Ion Batteries (Battle Born) seem to have the lowest cost per W/hr for all battery types.

The idea is to provide electricity to the Hunting Cabin (aka The Lodge). Initial thoughts are to do this via Solar panels with a Battery storage system. The hope is that the batteries can be charged during the week with minimal usage, and power will be available on the weekends for use in Lighting, Fans, Charging cell phones, etc.





Evaporative cooling might be a way to cool the cabin down for very little power. Just to run some pumps and some fans, and maybe some heat source (sounds odd, but you need to force the air to dry in part of the cycle).


Wood Stove


Catch water run off from the roofs in Blue 55 gallon poly barrels. Link several barrels together so they all fill as one unit.



There are people who use Super Capacitors rather than Batteries with their Solar systems. I don't think it would be the best solution for us, but I wonder if it would be useful for "surge" capacity. Building the SOLN1-2000 Watt Capacitor Solar Generator has references to PCB boards for mounting Super Caps onto along with some circuitry to make management of the Cap easier.

Internet Networking Options

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