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Dad's looking for a Kabota tractor for the Farm.

Maintenance Activities

Safety Information

When using the tractor alone at the farm, it sounds like a VERY good idea to always have your phone on hand in order to call for assistance if the tractor rolls and you can't get out of the seat belt. Another good option might be a seat belt ripper because apparently you are left hanging from you waist by the seat belt and getting the buckle loos with weight on it is difficult.

Kabota B2650 Stats

1786 lbs [810 kg] (w/ROPS)
65.6 inches [166 cm]
101.2 inches [257 cm]
53.7 inches [136 cm]
Height (ROPS)
88.4 inches [224 cm]
Ground clearance
14.6 inches [37 cm]
Standard tires (ag)
Front: 7-12. Rear: 12.4-16

Kubota Information




Operational Tips

Operational No No's

Fuel Concerns at the Farm

Given that Diesel fuel has the same oxidation problems that gasoline does, and the fact that a 5 gallon can should run the tractor for a day, we don't need a large volume of fuel.

One suggestion is to use a Shaker Siphon to transfer fuel from a can to the tractor. Put the can up on the root of the Front Loader Arm and leave it while the fuel transfers.

Parts & Filters

Maintenance Information




Trailer Information

Chris bought a 16' Dual Axle Landscaping Trailer with twin drop ramps. It has a raised Tool Box at the front which seems like it will get in the way of the Bucket being extended over the front. Need to look at maybe lowering the Tool Box. The trailer is equipped with brakes, but Chris needs to get an adapter for his Suburban for them to work.

  • 5 lug indicates a 3500lb axle.
  • 6 lug indicates 5200lbs axles.

Ideally, Chains rather than straps SHOULD be used to tie down the tractor on the trailer. Straps can rub and snap, and the ratchets on the straps tend to not be as adjustable as the binders used for chains. In our case, we are likely going to be using straps for now because the tractor weighs less than one ton, and DOT regulations don't require chains until you get upwards of 10,000 lbs load.

The ramps on Chris's trailer is not overly large. Large loading ramps are not desirable due to them interfering with long loads (ie Tractor plus mowing deck), and increased wind resistance while towing. Also, most large ramps are made from expanded metal and the tractor could have traction problems when loading or unloading, not to mention a question of the ramp holding the weight of the tractor while loading/unloading.

Parts and Upgrades for B2650

  • Three point quick hitch in the rear (things I've read indicate that while there is a "standard" for quick hitches, not all implements from all vendors will work on all tractors. Apparently it has to do with width of the pins, and the ability to hook the upper link from underneath. Some implements have a bolt a few inched below the upper arm link point. I guess I need to read the standard to understand if it's going to relate to when an implement was designed or if there really is variability in the standard.)
  • Scraper Blade

I've been watching a bunch of YouTube videos (if nobody noticed) and there are several mods that I thought were good ideas.

  • Wheel Spinner for Steering Wheel.
  • Edge Trim around exposed metal edges on Fenders, Hood, etc. to prevent rock damage and chipped paint and the rust that would follow it.
  • No Skid Tape for metal decking to prevent paint from scuffing off and to improve grip in wet/muddy conditions.
  • Toolbox Mod (Ammo Can mounted on ROPS bars). It was mounted with two U-Brackets with spacers to allow the ROPS to still fold.
  • Circuit Breaker box to allow the easy addition of electrical accessories (lights)
    • Light Bar
    • Rear pointing lights
    • Strobe lights for night
  • LED Headlight bulbs
  • Box Receiver Hitch for 3-point hitch.

Dad wants something to hold "tools" on the tractor. Not sure what he is interested in, but there are lots of options.


Post Hole Auger


Box Blade

Pallet Forks

Brush Cutting




Implement Parts

How to use Implements


  • The B2650 is a Category 1 Hitch tractor.
  • According to the Documentation, if a Backhoe is used with the Kubota B2650, any liquid in the tires must be removed first and the quick hitch cannot be used for it. Not sure yet if this applies to any other implements.
  • Farm Equipment on the Roads in NC
    • "Under North Carolina law, farm tractors are required to have one front white light as well as a rear red light that is visible for up to 500 feet. Two red reflectors that are at least four inches in diameter can replace the rear red light. You will also notice a SMV (slow-moving vehicle) sign on the rear end of most farm equipment seen moving up and down the roads. The current SMV sign is a solid orange triangle during the day but appears to be a hollow red triangle at night. Currently in North Carolina the SMV sign is not required to be on every piece of farm equipment although it is encouraged.
      Read more at:"
  • Kubota B2650 Walkaround
  • How a Trailer Breakaway System works
  • Compact Tractor Hydraulics Explained

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